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Our Process

Conversion with Compassion™

if that’s you then it’s time we met.

I’m Kate, and I’ve been launching for 5+ years. And the same strategy that I used in the beginning still gets BIG results … because it’s based on one key thing that others forget.


At Cobblestone, our strategy focuses on a comprehensive ecosystem of marketing that adds up to higher conversion rates, higher lifetime value, and more profit for you.

Best of all we DO IT FOR YOU. So you can sit back and let yourself enjoy your sales process instead of stress over it.

01. attract

You can’t sell without the right people in your audience. We start early so we can build deep relationships that result in more aligned sales for now + your business’ future.

02. nurture

Real relationships take some time. So our signature system makes sure the time leading up to your launch is as strategic as possible to connect with your audience and shift their mindset for the solution.

03. deepen

Excitement creates community and conversions. So we help you create an aligned immersive sales experience built on the 4 relationship accelerators to get more of the right people into your product or program.

04. convert

Our tried and true sales systems allow you to show up as your best self during your launch while we make sure you’ve got the content that converts going out to your tribe, and you do the work you love most — connecting.

Best of all, our entire system is based on the art and science of human relationships. So it feels good, and it really works.

That’s why we call it Conversion with Compassion™.



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Extraordinary Impact

We want to help you have an extraordinary launch that matches the extraordinary impact you wanna make.

Our variety of services are aimed at helping you to put Conversion with Compassion in action.