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conversion with compassion™

if that’s you then it’s time we met.

I’m Kate, and I’ve been launching for 5+ years. And the same strategy that I used in the beginning still gets BIG results … because it’s based on one key thing that others forget.


You’ve probably heard before that business is all about relationships, and digital marketing allows you to do that at scale. It gives you more channels to reach more people, and at its best it’s not a broadcast tool but a relationship tool. 

Your online marketing when done well, actually builds relationships with multiple people at the SAME TIME. 

And it doesn’t have to take years to do it.

That’s what launching is GREAT at. A launch can take what some people do in years and compress it into weeks because it’s designed to intentionally build a relationship toward a specific goal.

Launching compresses the sales timeline when done well. And that’s exactly what I teach you how to do inside with my signature system, Conversion with Compassion™.



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