let's talk about you first.


You’ve been building your business with long hours and lots of hustle.


But it's time for a change. 


Because you can't build a business when you’re always on the verge of burning out by constantly having to find and nurture leads just to keep the income rolling in so you can continue making the impact you know you were meant for.


It’s time for a new approach. One that …


  • Maximizes your time without sacrificing your success
  • Turns your subscribers into buyers (while still being true to you)
  • Gets leads on the regular so you never feel like the well is drying up
  • Gives you more time to do the parts of your business that you love
  • Creates some of that space and freedom you wanted when you started your own biz in the first place


That's exactly what we do.


Marketing is our jam.


Supporting heart-driven businesses and non-profits to create bigger results {without a bigger time commitment} is our passion. 


And our heart is to help you communicate your vision in a way that connects and converts so you can increase your influence, scale your impact, and automate your income.


Because we believe you deserve to have success and time to enjoy it too.


3 Strategies for a Higher Converting Email List

Increase conversions {and cashflow} using the email list you already have and without spending a dime

Founder & Conversion Marketing Strategist

Founder & Conversion Marketing Strategist

Kate Boyd 

Kate has raised 7 figures in revenue for a non-profit organization through powerful messaging, copywriting, and marketing.

She's built a successful online passive income, digital product-based business that brought in $40k in 2 years while only working 7 hours PER MONTH through consistent and valuable communication — on the side of her day job.

She's even run a profitable, service-based business as a coach that turned her small tribe of 600 people into 21 one-on-one clients and 50+ group program students with launches that felt good and online marketing that landed her leads on the regular from Instagram, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, in-person networking, and guest blogging and podcasting.

In short, she's a communication nerd who loves to help you nurture your tribe and turn more of them into your customers or donors.

Data Analysts & Social Media Strategists

Data Analysts & Social Media Strategists

Kendra & Kleneice Chambers

They are social media strategists who specialize in organic engagement and growth.  After building two brands from scratch organically, they realized that taking the time to develop a purposeful and meaningful social strategy had been the root of their success.   

They believe in taking an intentional and simple approach to social media; and they are brilliant at building email lists of qualified leads to sustainably scale your business.

They also believe in looking to the numbers to get a clear picture of what's working, what's not, and what to do next. Their passion for data and community make an unstoppable duo that helps support Cobblestone and its clients.

3 Strategies for a Higher Converting Email List

Increase conversions {and cashflow} using the email list you already have and without spending a dime