3 Ways to Create a Powerful Connection with Your Brand

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We all have those moments in life that stick with us for a long time. Or that movie we saw with our friends that is lodged in our memory. And it turns out that’s actually a super useful tool — having a personal connection with your brand or a moment in time.


Just last week at our weekly trivia night, my team found ourselves figuring out what year a certain event happened in because I had a memory of being in the theater watching Lord of the Rings with my friends in high school. And we got it right!


It got me thinking. Experiences are important to me, and I’m always creating ties for myself back to formative experiences.


Every place I’ve traveled to, I buy a piece of small jewelry, art for my wall, and/or a scarf to wear. Because I love remembering that experience through the things I keep with me every day.


And you know what, you can create that same kind of connection with your brand by creating a memorable brand experience.


Who doesn’t remember the “Wazzuuuup” commercials? We still say that to joke sometimes (because I’m old now). I also remember a teacher who would cry at a Kodak commercial every. single. time. And you know what? She bought Kodak film and cameras when she went to the story.


So I’m gonna share with you today how to create a unique brand experience so your tribe becomes even more diehard.


Tell more stories and dare to be vulnerable


Stories are mankind’s natural language. When we use narrative to communicate, we’re helping people connect more deeply with our brands because they create immersive brain experiences. Our brains think of us being there and light up in many spheres, so it create a more complete feeling around our brand.


Part of storytelling is sometimes getting honest, vulnerable, and emotional. This also helps to humanize your brand and to show that you’re relatable just like them. Because you are. This helps with the know, like, and trust factor because it makes you more human and less robot like. And that’s always a good thing.


A few superstars at this to follow:


Lacey Craig with her quote posts and “#letsgetreal” posts, she’s awesome at going against the grain and being honest (and sometimes controversial).


Heather Crabtree is sharing her journey with her daughter through cancer while being a CEO of a successful business and leading her team. She’s sharing her behind-the-scenes moments and bringing us along for the struggle of balancing it all and staying strong in a trying time.


Ashley Beaudin of the Imperfect Boss campaign is also great at this — in fact, she started a whole movement around it. She has shown that you can lead with honesty and encouragement to create a dynamite community.

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Give massive value


I know one thing for sure. If you help get people results before they ever work with you, they’ll likely pay you sometime down the line because of it. Every mentor I’ve worked with and every course I’ve purchased has been because I’ve experienced some real knowledge or mindset growth just from following that person.


So follow their lead and give massive value all the time. Give away your secrets, systems, and the tools and hacks you use to get results. Help people shift their thoughts and beliefs around something. Give them results and they’ll trust you for life.


A few standouts in this category:


Amy Porterfield is top of my list for this. One podcast episode and you’ll realize that she’s not holding back much in her free content. I’ve bought several things from her because I knew she could deliver from her free content.


Adrienne Dorison is business strategist who is always bringing us along for the ride as she uplevels as a CEO and gives a ton of value at every stage. I personally worked with her because just watching her brain at work made me want her brain in my business.


Marie Forleo is a classic example as well. She spends 11 months of the year giving us crazy good content through MarieTV then launches B-School once a year. She is an over-deliverer and gives help constantly before ever asking for your credit card number.


Create a unique community or identity


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven down the street in my Mini Cooper and had another Mini owner honk and wave — like we’re in this club because we have the same car. The same happens with Mac owners and CrossFit. Somehow they’ve turned their brands into communities and unique identities, and it’s incredible to be a part of it.


You can do the same with your brand by creating a unique identity or niching down further to create a community around that thing. By being a part of a customer’s identity, you earn their loyalty for a very long time — if not forever.


Superstars at this:


Josh and Jill Stanton and their Scroupies are a group you can always spot. Screw the Nine to Five has become a huge brand that has an active community inside and out of their programs. In fact, I recently joined their paid community and let me tell you, there is even more happening on the inside than you see on the outside. They have mastered community for their business.


Kimra Luna and her Freedom Hackers have become a force to be reckoned with. She also gives crazy value and has created a community that people love identifying with and participating in. And they’ve become a loyal tribe that follows her anywhere.


Todd Herman and Selena Soo are two business leaders that have somehow curated an incredible group of big time players to become affiliates for their brands, and largely that’s because of the access, quality, and results created by their products. And when that takes shape they sell out their stuff easily because they’ve got power players on their side and you can tell those players are proud to represent this brand.


You’ve got a powerful brand inside of you too. Now it’s time to create connections to it.


What are some ways people feel connected to your brand? If you don’t have one yet, which one of these tips are you going to start with?

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