6 Webinar Topics that Sell

One of the key strategies I’ve used in the past to build my businesses is through webinars. Webinars help you position yourself as an expert and build momentum in your business. Unsure what to talk about to have a profitable webinar? Click through to discover 6 webinar topics that sell.

Building your business online requires a “pay it forward” mentality. It requires giving more often than you ask for things, and it means you have to show up and serve before you sell.


But the good news is that there are so many ways to show up and go deeper with your audience. One of the key strategies I’ve used in the past to build my businesses and give my knowledge freely is through webinars.


If you’re a good teacher, webinars are an awesome place to use that talent while also creating momentum for your business. You might know that, but you still haven’t because you’re not sure what kind of topic or structure will work for you.


Have no fear, friend! I’m going to share with you six webinar topics that can help you launch, sell, or just build trust with your audience successfully.


Outline of course/product

Webinars can create a great platform for some high level teaching. This means you can give the exact steps and “why,” but don’t go too deep into the “how” because there isn’t much time.


That’s the first structure of a webinar that you can use. This can be great because if you’re launching a course or program, you can talk about what steps it takes to get a specific result. Some people will take that and do it themselves, and others will want to go deeper or want it done for them.


So you can simply use the framework of what you’ve already created to run through for your webinar.


Lesson that underscores the need for your product


Sometimes our audience has a knowledge gap around our niche. They don’t yet know they have a problem, and that creates a problem for you. If they don’t know they have a problem, they probably won’t buy a solution.


However, a webinar can educate around a problem or topic they do know they need help with as a tie in to the main problem, which your product solves.


For example, I had a cheerleading business and sold a course on stunts. One of my most popular webinars was about safety and keeping up with your education was one of the points which led perfectly into my course.


Deep dive into the first piece of your product


The first framework I shared has you give a big picture of what it takes, this one does the opposite. This one goes deep into the first piece of your product.


So if you’re a true teacher at heart and love to get into the nitty gritty of the details — then this is the place to start. Help them with the first part of your course or product so they see the value, your style, and are ready for the rest.


The best part is you can go really deep into that one aspect and get really practical to serve them well.


Deep dive into the pre-work for your product


Much like our customers sometimes don’t know they have a problem, they might actually need some work done before they’re ready for our product. This framework allows you to prepare them for that.


Here’s an example. You want to help them write their first book. The trouble is that they don’t have their book idea just yet, and they’re not gonna pay you to help them write a book they don’t know about yet, right?


So you run a webinar to help them find their book idea. Then at the end, they’re more ready to actually work on it with you because they know by the time they start they’ll finally be ready to take action because they’ve got a direction now.


Give a few of the strategies you teach in your product


Some products are a list of a few strategies all together. For example, you might be a list building coach and know 15 ways to build your email list that you’ve packaged to sell.


You could use your webinar to share 3-4 of the strategies with the audience. This gives them the chance to actually get results from the webinar itself. Plus they essentially have a sneak peek at the product itself.


You’re showing them your creative and effective ways and making them wonder what the other ones are and getting excited about learning more.


Share top trends


This final framework is one that applies to almost any service or product or industry. The best part is that it’s a way to show off your expertise, how in touch you are, and help all at the same time.


All you have to do is talk about the top 5-7 trends you see for your people. You can even use that as an opportunity to prime them for your product or show parts of your product or service that you’ve created.


For example, back to my cheerleading business, I did a top 5 stunt trends and how to use them in your routines webinar. Throughout it I taught them how to do or teach some of the stunts, just like I do inside my course.


That means, they saw me as someone with my finger on the pulse, someone who could teach what they needed to know, and who had something to help them learn even more. It was my highest converting webinar ever.


So if you’re stuck on your webinar ideas, then take a look at your product or industry and brainstorm around each of these frameworks to see which works best for you. They are all effective. You just have to pick your favorite!