Are you REALLY ready for Facebook Ads?

You've heard about the incredible power of Facebook ads, but are you ready to use them for your business? Facebook ads can't save a poor strategy or bad business. It's best to have a few things in place before moving onto Facebook ads. Click through to learn if your business is ready to harness the power of Facebook ads.


If you’ve been in the online marketing space for long at all, you know that Facebook ads are where it’s at. Everyone is telling you to get them. Everyone is telling you to do them. Everyone is promising that they’re the fast track to success.

And, yes, Facebook ads are in-cred-i-ble … but only if you have have a few other things down pat. Because one thing Facebook ads can’t do? Save a poor strategy or a bad business.

With that in mind, I wanna share with you some things you need to have in place to start using Facebook ads for success.

Active Facebook Business Page

This is kinda a “duh,” but I can’t tell you how many people I meet using their personal profiles for their business success. I’ll say, I share an offer here or there on my personal profile, but technically, personal profiles can’t be used for business purposes. It’s actually against Facebook policies.

Besides that, you can’t advertise from your profile or your group. That means, it doesn’t matter if you have 5,000 friends or 1,000 group members. They’re not useful unless they like your business page -- which is what you actually use to advertise.  

So if you haven’t already, start building up your page and its engagement.

Knowledge of Audience and Niche

Facebook advertising works best with very clear audience analysis and targeting. If your targeting is off, you will lose a lot of money in the process. This is why it’s crucial that you know yourself and your audience well.

This means, you’ve built a following on your page you can look at in Audience Insights. You have worked with them or sold them things organically. YOu are in a niche you are solidly settled into. 

You’ve gotta know yourself and your people so you can rock a great strategy and message.

Organic Success

This is maybe where I differ from other people in my ads opinions. Some people will say, “Just throw money at it and see what sticks.” That’s great … if you have a lot of money. 

I prefer to have you become an organically awesome then put money behind the strategies that work. For example, I had one opt in that organically built my list by 100 people in a week with just a few mentions. I knew something like that was clearly powerful. Then I put ads money behind it and added 200 more people for relatively little in ad spend.

The same principles that apply in organic marketing, apply in paid marketing. So don’t waste money learning what you could learn for free.

Solid Communication and Sales Processes

Most of us will use Facebook ads to build our email lists and sell our products, right? That’s what I use them for my clients and myself every day. But again, ads without the surrounding pieces are costly.

You need solid backend pieces in place to make the most of the audience you’re building. Because if you build an audience and never send emails, they’re no good. If you don’t have your funnel in place or products to sell, you’re not making money from your list. That means if you use advertising to build your list then you lose money.

With that opt-in I mentioned, I had a short funnel set up that had it paying for the ad spend within 2 days of putting it up. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs to be an effective and aligned process to make the most of your new leads.

Money and Time to Invest

Facebook ads do take time to find their sweet spot (and there are 3 phases of successful ad setup that I’ll share soon), and of course, they take money. So you have to be comfortable doing that for yourself.

That doesn’t mean you need a lot of either, but you do need patience and to know that if you’ve got all the other stuff together, that you’ll see the money and time save on the backend when it’s all optimized and running for you.

Clear Strategy and Goals

Just like everything else in business, you need to make sure you know where you want those ads to go for your business. What is your goal and how will you measure the success and determine the ROI. These are going to be different for every business, so it’ll be important to think through this for yourself.

Second, you need to have a clear strategy. Facebook is more and more saturated every day, and if you’re in a saturated industry, then you’re not setting yourself up for success. You need to have a plan of action that builds trust with your audience even as you advertise so you can have a highly successful campaign.


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