Avoid the Dreaded Launch Flop

Launching a product, service, or program can be like a rollercoaster ride. There is nothing worse than building hype for a launch only for it to completely flop. Click through to learn 3 ways you can pre-validate your next launch idea to avoid the dreaded launch flop.

Before you ever send that first cart open email there’s always that feeling in the pit of your stomach for at least a moment. It’s in that moment that we ask ourselves: “What if it flops altogether?”


And while I’ve had some incredible launch successes (like conversion rates between 5-10% on the regular), I have also had a couple of digital products launch flops. Like, not get any buyers at all.


I got hurt for minute but then I realized I made a crucial error — I didn’t pre-validate.


Last week we talked about creating an awesome offer, but then we actually have to make sure it’s what people want or need most right now. Because maybe they’re interested or we’re really good at it … but they might not buy it if it’s not positioned just the right way.


This is also a high form of service. Our businesses aren’t just here for our personal good. They’re here to serve others and to help them reach their highest potential. So we have to find where our zone of genius and their needs meet so we can serve them. Because everyone is looking for results and not the process. So we need to get a sense of what that looks like for them.


That means we need to pre-validate our offers. I’m going to give you 3 ways to do that this week.


Idea Validation Technique #1: Survey


Once you have an audience, you have a built in pool of people to help you determine your next offerings in your business. One of my favorite ways to do that is through a survey.


The key to this is to make sure it’s short, to ask only what is necessary, and to listen closely to what they say. You can do this around a particular topic or to know where they are struggling most in a general sense.


Once you have that information, you can reverse engineer a product based on the result they’re looking for and the questions they have around it.



Idea Validation Technique #2: Social Asking and Listening


Another way to determine what offer to create is to put together an awesome post in a Facebook group, on your page, or on another social media platform. Again, you can ask for their general feedback or around a particular topic.


In the first one, simply asking: “what result do you most want to see right now?” could be sufficient. But I often like to give them a few options so I can easily categorize and count responses, and it makes it a much easier decision for them to make.


In the second case, you can put together some details of some results you’ve gotten or things you’ve accomplished and ask if people are interested in learning about that. Or you can even ask “what would you like to more about how I _____?”. These focus the post and give you an idea if there is interest in a particular offering you already have in mind.


Additionally, you can even just go into a group or forum of some kind and search for a term around what you’re looking for like, “Instagram” or “MailChimp.” Then read the questions people have there.


Idea Validation Technique #3: Market Research Calls


This is a lot like the last two except this time you actually speak to the humans. This is helpful because you ask follow up questions and even potentially have a group of buyers for what you create that already have a personal connection with you.


To complete this, you simply put together a post or email talking about the person you’re looking to hear from and what they’re going through. Then you ask if they would have time to hop on a short call with you. An incentive often works here as well because you want to hear from around 10 people to get a good sampling.


Pre-validating your idea can make or break your launch because you want to make sure you’re serving your audience’s needs … and that leads to a successful launch with high numbers because you took the time to make sure you’re serving them and not just yourself.


Your Mini-Mission


Have something you’d like to launch — a group program, 1:1 package or session, or digital product? Then this week, get out there, ask, and listen. I’ve even put together several examples of pre-validation for you right here so you can learn from what others have done to make it super simple.


Click here to get them.

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