Create a Sell-out Launch Offer

The truth is that a launch starts way before you open the cart. It starts with an awesome product or service. Wondering how to have a sell out launch? Click through to discover the steps involved in a profitable launch.

If you know me you know a couple of things: I love to launch, and I love to serve my people through my products. I consistently sell out my coaching and courses, and I actually find it crazy fun to do so.


My first launch ever (as a newbie 3 years ago) brought in my first $1,000 and had a conversion rate of 9%. Subsequent launches have converted anywhere from 5-10% and with a small email list. There are definitely best practices to bring into the mix.


That’s why I’m focusing on launching over the next few weeks.


But the truth is that a launch starts waaaaaay before you open the cart. It starts with an awesome product or service. Today I’m going to share with you the best way to start figuring out what that thing is for you.


Here’s why this is important though — we’re not really in business to serve ourselves. The income is really a side effect of serving others. JIf we focus on our mission — to serve the unique way we’re gifted to — then we’ll see more impact and more income come from those efforts.



So selling out is awesome, but serving well is even more awesome.


Your zones of genius or previous results


One thing I always do is look to what I do well that others are having trouble with or what are other people starting to call me out for being known for. Recently I shared that my email list was small (like less than 400 people small at the time), but I had filled my coaching practice and sold 20+ spots in 2 group programs I created.


As people knew that, they started asking me about launches and email marketing. So I know that’s a place where I can bring share my expertise where others may be feeling stuck. I created a launch intensive that I can now share with others who ask me about helping with launch strategy. The bonus is that it’s sooooo fun to me!


Tribe’s biggest issues or hindrances


Last year, I started noticing a trend with women I’d talk to on the phone. They wanted help but they also didn’t want to commit to higher level coaching until they had a client or two under their belts. It was literally something I heard over and over and over again.


Then it hit me — how can I help them solve that problem with a lower level product? That way I can serve them while also building a relationship with them for potential future clients or connections. So I created a course about getting your first client without sacrificing your faith or values.


It sold nearly 30 (with a list of around 300) because it hit a real need for my community, and some of those in fact did turn into one-on-one clients down the line which made it an awesome addition to my sales funnel.



What’s missing in the industry?


This goes for niching and product creation, but I know that sometimes it can be hard to see where you fit in the industry you’re in and be tempted to do what everyone else is doing.


Resist. Heavily. Deeply. Push past that urge.


Because that’s a hard way to try to differentiate yourself and your product. It’s not going to give you the biggest advantage. Instead, take a hard look at what everyone else is saying and selling. What’s do you not like or disagree with? What feels gross or wrong to you? What’s the way you would do it differently?


When you’re able to do that, it becomes crazy easy to stand out because you’re going against the grain and people find that refreshing a lot of times.


Another way to do this is to look at other industries for ideas or differences. What’s something you can take from there and apply to your business/industry? I did this all the time with my day job in marketing communications and my cheerleading business. One of my products was essentially how to deal with difficulties by using communication principles — but it was in their language and worked to solve their problem.


So don’t just go with what you know.


Get really specific to launch


Here’s the hard part: narrowing down. Maybe by now you have a big beautiful idea — like really big, but it’s hard to share what it’ll really do for people. I want you to pick one result… just one. Then build the product or service around that result.


These other things will help you shape the point of view around it, but getting super specific around the result only helps.


For example, my 3 most profitable launches were for:


  • Servant Leader Sales — my God-centered system for getting your first client

  • Believers Business Academy — make your business profitable with a community of believers by your side

  • Momentum Miracle — your personal $2k God’s way one-on-one package


Get so clear on the result and you’ll know then how to position it well in the marketplace with this other information so it is more likely to be successful and sold out!

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