Effortlessly Book More Sales Calls with Email

Your email list has the power to generate serious revenue in your business. Did you know that you can easily book more sales calls using your mailing list? Click through to learn 4 ways you can get more sales calls through email.
Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies

Ask More Often


This is the biggest mistake I see. Most people don’t even know that you have spots unless you tell them. Make it a point to ask for the calls more often -- every 2 or 3 emails or more if you do it in a smaller way like a P.S. You can even include a button or link in your template so it’s there every time {but you should still overtly ask more often}.


Be Open to Other Conversations


Not every sales conversation starts as a sale conversation. One of the best ways to get booked is to start with market research calls and free calls/assessments. This gives you lots of information to create the right offers, a chance to help others, and a pipeline of people to follow up with until you get the yes or the no.


Have an Intro Funnel for Free Calls


You can make the most of your first emails to people by building trust and asking for a free call to give them some value and put them in your potential pipeline. This is great because as long as you are building your list, you are building relationships with potential clients.


Create a Discovery Call Funnel


This is one of my favorite options because it comes further down the line. When you know how people typically behave before they sign on with you, you can create a funnel that is automatically triggered by some of those behaviors. Then send a few emails asking for a sales call and you book more calls without even thinking about it!

Are you letting your email work for you? Which one of these ways will you try first?


Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies
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