Get More Clients & Referrals with Just One Sentence

Is your calendar filling up with ideal clients? Would you like it to? Your one-liner has the power to get more clients through the door because a clear message containing what you do and who you serve can stimulate interest. Need help crafting your one-liner? Click through to learn the perfect foundation for a one-liner that converts.
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Your One-Liner


This puts a quick “bow” on what you do in every context so you can introduce yourself and invite more questions or move on quickly {if it’s a non-business setting}. You want it to be clear and intriguing.


The 3-4 Parts You Need


Your ideal client: have 2-3 words that describe your ideal client in a specific enough way that someone could easily picture someone they know in that category

Problem/Pain: Make sure you hit on their big pain point, struggle, or problem. Where are they really stuck right now?

Benefit/Result: What’s it like AFTER they work with you? What’s the result on the other side that they’re really looking for?

Modality: How do you do that for them? Coaching, marketing, consulting, courses, etc. -- this one may not come up as much or be necessary in every context, but it’s good to know the how where it counts.


Know Your Audience


You want to have several versions ready to play around with so you know what to say/how in many environments. Start by having one for potential clients, peers who could be referral partners, and those who don’t know or really care {the coworkers at your spouse’s Christmas party kind of thing}.  


Test It Live


You don’t know what will resonate with your people until you really try it. So it out loud at home a few times then road test several versions to find the sweet spot for each audience.


Have a Goal


Before you spring your one-liner on a group of people, know what the goal for that interaction is. That starts with knowing the audience, but also consider what the social norm is. For example, if I’m introducing myself quickly at a table at Bible study, then I’m gonna leave out a lot of info because they don’t know much about what I do OR it’s not conducive to questions after I introduce myself.

Strive for Clear over Clever


If you have to choose between the two, always be clear. Make sure people can relate and latch onto something you say that is familiar enough for them to make a connection -- otherwise they may not have questions because they feel confused. Likewise, infuse your personality but use words that your clients or those in front of you would use so you connect.


That’s really the point of the one-liner. It’s not about clever wordplay. It’s about clear communication.


Have your one-liner? Practice below in the comments!

Attract Dream Clients with My Content Funnel
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