How I’m Loving on My List in 2018

Email marketing can yield a significant ROI in your online business, but you have to be strategic. Click through to check out how I plan to be strategic with my mailing list in 2018 to increase engagement and conversions.
Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies

Segmented Content


You know I’m all about personalized email experiences. So I’m walking my talk and delivering the content you need to you without distracting you with what you don’t need through creating more content around my 3 main categories of needs: attraction, nurturing, conversion. Then giving emails just about those.


One Funnel, Multiple Entry Points

I know my audience has different needs (see above), but I also want them to be fully bought into my approach. So I’m making my Conversion with Compassion™ email sequence my second step for every funnel -- and a freebie for each level of need. Better yet, I’ve got all entry points pointing to ONE funnel so you don’t get 3 funnels if you sign up for 3 things. Keeps it clean in the inbox!


Evergreen Newsletters


I’m contemplating a new approach to email content (and content in general) and treating it more like a mini-course. So it’s in-depth, and helpful for where you are in your business stage. That’s why I’m thinking of setting up my content to be evergreen so it’s always delivered and systematically nurtures rather than nurtures on a time-bound basis. This I haven’t decided but I’m considering it!


Resegmenting Strategy


If I help you move from one stage to another, then I need to resegment you to get new content. So I’m dreaming up creative ways to figure out how you’re doing every few months to make sure I’m still delivering the best content to you that you need.


Keeping Up the Unsubscribes


I actually love when people unsubscribe from my email list. Seriously. It keeps my cost down, conversions high, and relationships deep instead of wide. So I want to keep finding ways to systematically unsubscribe those who aren’t engaged to help them and keep my email costs down at the same time.


Do you have any big email marketing strategies for 2018? I’d love to know what they are! Share in the comments what you’re trying out.

Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies