How to Convert Everywhere by Being Human

The money’s in the list.     Automate and make money in your sleep.     Launch if you want to make money.     Look, I love email lists, automation, and launching. Frankly, I make a lot of money from those and I help my clients make that same kind of money too.     Bu uuuuuuut we’re in a different time and place these days. All of these things aren’t working like they used too because we’ve gotten a little complacent.      And it’s showing up in lots of different ways.

The money’s in the list.


Automate and make money in your sleep.


Launch if you want to make money.


Look, I love email lists, automation, and launching. Frankly, I make a lot of money from those and I help my clients make that same kind of money too.


Buuuuuuuut we’re in a different time and place these days. All of these things aren’t working like they used too because we’ve gotten a little complacent.


And it’s showing up in lots of different ways.


Problem #1: You give and give and give and see little return.


Gone are the days when high value automatically led to high ticket sales. It takes a lot more than that to wow even B2C crowds these days.


More than anything, they want to be treated like humans and we haven’t done that well or often enough.


And talking to humans means taking a holistic view of how to help them and market to them. It’s not just tips and tricks anymore. You’ve got to convince them that they can’t DIY it all -- because Pinterest tells them they can.


Problem #2: Your launch or funnel falls flat.


Webinars, challenges, and video series used to be enough. You could pump up the hype, give some content, and watch the money roll in -- but not as much anymore. People are cynical and wise to the sales pitch.


But it’s more than that, they just don’t know you that well. You spent more money pumping in cold leads at the end of your launch cycle or into your funnel in hopes that it would drive sales. And maybe more people bought in the end … but you spent more … and the conversions were lower.


The answer? Actually taking the time up front to build a relationship so when it’s time to sell … you’ve earned their trust and their hard-earned dollar.


Problem #3: You’re relying on different channels to form a full funnel.


It used to be that social media was a top of the funnel position. Next step was your email list, and finally your core customer base.


You had a channel for every step of your funnel and it worked. But now people want you to come to them -- not them to you. And they’re buying from social media and email and everywhere else because it’s convenient.


So instead of simply looking at each channel as part of your funnel, you can actually look at each channel as a marketing funnel in itself and start seeing more conversions.


All of these problems have one thing in common: we’re not thinking about humans actually operate in relationships.


We’re busy focused on the wedding that we forget to actually date, woo, and propose first. We just want the “I do” so we can have our party already.


And it’s hurting your business. Because in the long haul, you’ll ONLY be able to make based on what you’re willing to pay to get those people in. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Enter Conversion with Compassion™.


It takes how humans build relationships and translates it into online marketing that converts up to 5x more than industry standards.


How? By looking at all of your marketing and utilizing each channel to walk people through these 3 phases that mirror how relationships work in the real world.


Attract ----> Nurture ----> Convert


And when you do, you’ve got a fully functional marketing funnel that works everywhere you show up and even more so the closer to you people get.


But let’s first dig into what each phase means.




The first rule of sales is that you actually have to have people to sell to, and that means you have to focus on getting more eyes on your marketing {and therefore, your offers}. So you need to focus on attraction at a high level.


This means building your social following and your email list, but it also means your reputation in the marketplace and your recognizability. And that comes with being shared, starting conversations, and being easy to find.


Being shared or featured means you’re saying something that others find interesting and it expands your network to someone else’s.


Starting conversations means that you’re creating engagement and you’re not just looking to talk and leave but to start and lead a conversation. Engagement means more people will likely be introduced to you.


Finally, you’ve got to be easy to find by sharing content that matters to your tribe in their words, on their channels, and in ways that makes it easy for people to connect with you.


When you do those things, you get seen and heard and call in your true tribe.




Here’s where we really get to the crux of the issue. For so long, everyone’s numbers have been built on cold leads.


Yes, there are some cold leads who will buy. And yes, you need to cold leads to create warm ones. But if we’re thinking in human relationship terms, you hardly say “yes” to a proposal on day one of meeting.


Instead it takes nurturing the relationship to show people you’re the right person for them and that you’re willing to build trust before making the sale. What does that look like?


It looks like being your authentic self and letting your personality shine through. It also means standing firm on your beliefs and being willing to be controversial and losing those who aren’t a right fit from your following. And sharing your stories and your life so people know you’re human too.


It looks like helping people get real results. This comes with practical tips to show your expertise and mindset shifting content to help them get out of their own way and get the help they need. It means being honest and being willing to serve first because you know it’s the right thing to do.


It also looks like having others have your back. We all look to the opinions of others as we form our own opinions. So when we’re sharing ourselves online, we have to be willing to give the social proof to back up what we are saying we can do.


Lastly, it takes time. This is a process, and if you have the right pieces you can speed up the process a little. But better service and bigger results means giving yourself a little more time with your new friends.




You’ve found your people, and you’ve given them your best. Now you get to ask them for something … to get the help they need.


That’s either the really uncomfortable part or the part that you’ve been focused on up until now. But it’s really just the final step in a more comprehensive marketing system.


Conversion strategies take many forms -- sales pages, email sequences, webinars, page posts, etc. -- but the key thing to remember that makes it work is that it …


  • Is earned through nurturing
  • Speaks to their biggest problem
  • Gives them a true solution
  • Has personal touchpoints {live or automated}
  • Makes them the hero of their story


How you make the ask almost doesn’t matter if you’ve done your due diligence and earned their trust, which means it has to hit the right people at the right times. And when it does, it creates bigger returns for you and your customers.


How does this all work in real life?


The traditional marketing funnel has attract being on social media, nurture being in email, and conversion being at a specific “launch” type event -- automated or live.


But with Conversion with Compassion™, you’re actually optimizing ALL of these items to create a well nurtured relationship that converts.


It’s how I signed a high end client from Instagram.


It’s why my email list has been my highest source of sales even in 2 major business transitions.


It’s how my clients are seeing more clients from social media and more conversions in their launches and more impactful email lists.


It’s how life can be for you too.


You can even start today.


So this sounds great, but how can you REALLY start today? Here are a few suggestions.


Get people talking. Get out there and start creating conversations. Do it on your channels. Do it on others’ channels. Be willing to show your stuff, because you know that having a mission to help others requires that people know who you are and start there.


Look at your sales journey. Stop looking at how others get sales and start looking at how YOU do it. Then build content and an intentional journey around that. When you do that, you’ll start to easily see how to set up systems and triggers to hit the right people with sales messages at the right times.


Examine your content and make sure it hits all funnel levels. Often we’re just posting for the sake of it, or we’re rotating through our weekly topics on social media or in blog posts hoping that it’ll all make sense together. Instead of that approach, try finding content for each of the attract, nurture, and convert levels and position it everywhere you show up for bigger results.


Don’t look at your channels as separate. Your social media doesn’t ONLY exist to build your email list and your email list for sales. Instead, every following you have can convert if you are intentional. So don’t be afraid to ask on social -- if you’ve been nurturing regularly too -- or nurture in email before selling.


Swipe my proven system. If you’re looking for a system that was built on human communication and relationships for social media, email, or launching, then look no further than the Cobblestone Creative Shop.


I’ve packaged up my 10+ years of communication experience into systems that convert for me and my clients to have six figure years. You can snag them all here.


When you start thinking of marketing from the point of view of human relationships you get ...


… A tribe of raving fans that will follow you anywhere


… Offers for visibility opportunities you couldn’t have even pitched for


… An engaged email list that loves hearing from you


… People who snatch up every offer you put on the table


… Happy clients and customers who come back for more and spread the word


… More money, freedom, and joy in your business


And you feel darn good as you make the impact you were born to make.


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