How to Get Listeners for Your Podcast on Day 1

Wondering how to get listeners for your amazing podcast? It's more than possible to have listeners on day 1! Click through to discover 6 ways to launch your podcast to an audience.
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Create a High Leverage Event


If you want a lot of eyes on your podcast from the start, consider a unique launch strategy -- like launching with a challenge that utilizes the podcast or using an audio style summit as a start. It can be a great way to build your list and have lots of guests sharing at the same time.


Gather Launch Cheerleaders


You’ve likely made friends that would love to share your new work. Create a small launch team and empower them with tools to promote like promo copy and an image or two to share.


Have a Giveaway for Reviews


Want to hit “New & Noteworthy”? You’ve only got a few weeks to do it. So you need to focus on getting reviews and downloads from the start. Have a giveaway for a certain number of people who leave a review that day. It’s simple and provides an incentive to get people moving.


Talk About It Everywhere


Your email list. Social media. Everywhere you are, your podcast should be the topic. Heck, it’s why I’ve got this podcast series on my blog this week. I want messaging to be helpful but also say, “Don’t forget it’s launching!” Send everyone there just like you would a launch for a paid product.


Give Sneak Peeks and Behind the Scenes


Before you’re ready to go live, tease people. Get people interested with editing peeks, guest video snippets, or you sharing bits about the podcast before it starts. All marketing doesn’t have to be “look at this thing!” It can also be sharing it as you go to build excitement.


Lead with Your Best Work


One of the best things to do when launching a podcast is have several episodes ready from the beginning so your audience can binge a little to get a feel for the show. So when it comes to that, lead with work that feels representative of the show and what you want to get across. Give the variety people can expect and leave them ecstatic for the next episodes to drop.

Get my launch checklist free