How to Rise Above the Noise with Innovative Content

Ready to take your content marketing strategy to the next level? It starts by being innovative. Not sure how to create innovative content? Click through to discover 5 ways to create content that rises above the noise.
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Look Inside the Industry for Baseline


Before you can find an innovative idea, you need to know the norm. What do your competitors do? What gets attention? What works? What doesn’t? You need to know what the baseline for content is if you want to move elsewhere.


Look Outside the Industry for Inspiration


The best ideas won’t actually come from looking at what everyone in your industry does. It’ll come from looking outside of it. Find other ideas you love {blogs, podcasts, video shows} and ask yourself: Why do I like this so much? What is so compelling about this? When you do, you’ll start to get ideas to apply it to yourself.


Play to Your Strengths


An innovative idea lives and dies by the execution. So if you aren’t the right person to implement it because your strengths are elsewhere, that’s okay. Instead make a list of your strengths too. Then you can see the overlap in ideas and find something special and that works for you.


Check in with Your Audience


If you want the content to benefit your business, you need to know where your people are and what they want from you. If you do that, then you’ll find the true sweet spot with all of that info above to not only have a great idea but reach people with it.


Make It Worth the Effort


I love ideas, but I love when they actually work for my business even more. Make sure you have a plan for those ideas to lead back to your list or sales so you don’t come to resent it after a while. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this tip.


Following these steps, I found an idea for a podcast that I’m launching so very soon! So stay tuned!


What’s kind of idea do you want to create this year?

Attract Dream Clients with My Content Funnel