How to Use a Podcast to Nurture Your Tribe

Wondering if it's worth it to start a podcast? Podcasts are on the rise and are showing no signs of slowing down. Click through to discover how you can use a podcast to nurture your tribe.
Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies

Position Yourself as an Expert


If you’re using your podcast as a business building tool, you need to make sure there is some way to showcase your own expertise there. Honestly, this is one mistake I almost made with my new podcast CEO Stories. But I decided on a format for extra episodes that feature my content. So whether it’s teaching, coaching, or connecting make sure there is purpose.


Share Other Ways to Connect


A podcast is notoriously hard to get people from the app to other places. So it might be good just to start with reminding them of your social media handles to get them to connect with you on a more personal level outside of your show.


Invite Them to Your List


You know I’m a fan of email lists, so be sure to invite them regularly to hang out with you there. You can create a content upgrade for each podcast or just remind them of the ones you have. Just make sure that you’re driving them to connect with you personally and more deeply.


Share Your Offers Where Appropriate


Have a launch coming up? Make sure that your content fits your plan for that or for all your promotions. Use this just like your blog to share wisdom and prime people for your offers, and when the time comes share the offer too.


Sponsor with Your Products/Business


This is one way I’m considering working my business into my podcast more … by making my company a sponsor of the podcast. It’s true. I pay for it, and it’s an easy way to get people to know a little more about my company as they hear content as well. I’ve heard others do this with the products they were about to launch, and it’s a simple and almost seamless way to share.

Create Higher Conversions with my 3 Favorite Email Nurturing Strategies