My Lead Generation Plan for 2018

You don't need a million ways to generate leads in order to meet your income goals.  Click through to discover the 4 methods I'm focusing on in 2018 to attract high quality leads.
Attract Dream Clients with My Content Funnel

Live Video


It’s no secret that all the social channels are pushing live videos out to users, and they’re much more likely to be seen. Plus, they’re fun, faster, and a great way to connect. So I’m doubling down on live video as my main content creation style this year.




I know my email strategies work, so I’m looking to have my content go as far as possible. So this year, I’m using Pinterest to get attention on my blog posts and my podcast so I can grow my traffic (and my email list).




When I looked at 2017, I noticed that most of my launch clients came from podcast interviews. So I’m focused on doing more of those to get my name out in front of more potential clients in a way that builds authority fast and doesn’t take a lot of my time.


My Community


One thing I’m good at is taking a small community and going deep in relationship. So what better people to have as advocates for my brand? I’m thinking through creative ways to empower my community to invite others they know who will like what I do too.


With all of my backend in place, I know I’ll be set to convert, and these strategies will help me build my list and following so I can reach my big income goals in 2018.

Attract Dream Clients with My Content Funnel