My Surprising Conversion Strategies for 2018

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In Person Events


What I’ve noticed is that most of my clients come from connections, which means I just need to know more people. And one of my favorite ways to connect is through in person events, especially retreats. So I’ve got 2 on the calendar for the first half of the year, and I can’t wait to do more to get to know more people. Good for the soul and for business.


My Sales Funnel


I believe in my sales funnel, and even testing out some of the content organically has done well. The best part is that the way it’s set up ensures they get the right offer for where they are, and not something else. Plus, my funnel does a great job at telling people who I am and nurturing them along the way. So whether they buy then or way later, I know it will deliver for me at some point.


Referral Program


This goes back to my connections point, but I’m all about empowering people I know to refer me. And now I’m putting legit incentives behind it. Most of my clients come from friends or connections, so I’m actually entering into partnerships to pay them money when they refer people to me. This feels good as an energy exchange and for keeping me top of mind for the right people.




The surprising part? I may not actually launch something for myself! I may do small promotions, but I’m honestly mostly focused on helping my clients and creating a little more space in my business. Building the stacked course that I REALLY want to do someday just feels too heavy right now. So I’m not ruling it out, but I’m not sure it’s actually going to happen.


How do you get most of your clients? What can you do to create more systems around that to get more?

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