My Top Secret Strategy to Increase Launch Conversions

It’s easy to look at successful launches and just see the surface level stuff. You know, the emails, the social posts, the ads, the webinars and challenges … and think that’s all it takes to have a successful launch. But one easy to way to increase launch conversions is often overlooked. Personal outreach cannot be underestimated. Want to learn more about how powerful personal outreach can be? Click through to discover how I incorporate personal outreach in my launches to increase conversions!


It’s easy to look at successful launches and just see the surface level stuff. You know, the emails, the social posts, the ads, the webinars and challenges … and think that’s all it takes to have a successful launch. But one easy to way to increase launch conversions is often overlooked.


This is the personal outreach parts.


Now, I hear what you’re saying. The whole reason you’re launching this new program is so that you don’t necessarily have to rely on one-on-one income and clients anymore. You’re scaling your business … shouldn’t that mean you can be more hands off even now.


The answer: yes, it does mean long-term that you get more time freedom. And no, you don’t have to do a personal outreach part to your launch. But if you do, you should see better results.


So the question then becomes: Is the time up front now worth the time I’ll save later with this scalable program?


And that’s an answer I’ll have to leave to you. However, in the meantime, I’m going to give you some ways to include the personal touch to your launch — and some of them won’t take a ton of your time but still help you create awesome results.


Free calls pre-launch


Just like a great launch can hinder on solid pre-launch strategy, you can incorporate some light (or heavy) personal outreach in your pre-launch plan. One of my favorite ways to do this is to include some free calls.


These can be market research calls to hammer out some of your features and copy. Then you’ll get familiar with some of the people who would benefit from your program and warm them up for the launch.


But these can also be free calls for support — offering your time and expertise to help with a problem related to your launch. You can even do these during the launch.


These will help you by getting them over a hump or through some mindsets that they might not get to on their own, give you a chance to get to know them personally to invite them into the program (now or later when launching starts), and it gives you a ton of information to use in handling objections during the launch through free content.


Start by opening your calendar for one or two days during your launch period and you’ll be amazed at how much you (and your clients) get from these calls.


Special coaching or webinar for most engaged

One key way to make your launch most successful is to lean into loving on your warmest leads — those who are most engaged with you. They already have a deeper relationship with you, which makes them a great segment to spend more time with before and during your launch.


An easy way to do this is to create a special training opportunity for an exclusive part of your list. These are the ones with high lead scores or that you see in your community a lot. This also doesn’t have to be something new. It can be your chance to test something with them before you test it out on your audience.


Planning on running a webinar or challenge? Why not create a more exclusive version of it first for your most engaged people? You get to test and tweak, and you can likely even make pre-sales before you ever open the cart.


Alternatively this can be a quick group coaching opportunity for engaged people. You can invite them to a small party to hang out with you and some other awesome humans and they’ll get connections and massive value. This takes little preparation and can be done at any time so they understand what it’s like to work with you — while deepening their relationship with you.



Personal invitations

Have you ever sat and stared at your PayPal account just waiting for that one person you really wanna work with to come through? Man, I have! The dream client you’ve been waiting to schedule a call with or see in your program.


Maybe you’ve even talked to them before but it wasn’t a good time or good fit for that particular thing. This is a normal phenomenon, but what if you reached out and personally invited them to your new program?


Yes, they could say “no.” But they could also say yes. Here’s the kicker, even if they say no, they get excited and flattered that you reached out to them in the first place. That you thought of them. And that’s magical for a relationship.


So find a list of those dream people and send a personal email invitation to them to see what happens!


Email those who have looked at page

Once you’re in launch mode, there are still ways to find new warm leads. One way to do that is to follow up with those who looked at the sales page but didn’t yet buy. This can work in multiple ways.


The first is to send a personal email to them or to segment them for more personal communication during the launch. Clicking that link meant they were interested. You personally emailing and asking if they have any questions might just be what they need to get off the fence, but if not, you’ll get some good info and start a conversation that will help you overcome objections from others in later communication.


The second way is to use Facebook retargeting ads. By putting your pixel on your sales page, you can actually follow that person onto Facebook and target them with an ad that asks if they have questions or that reminds them gently about the page and program. Or it can even deliver some new information about the program or objections to them so they are being nurtured in their “normal” life too.


Launch cheerleaders and joint venture partners

So far we’ve only talked about how to communicate with potential clients and leads about the program we’re launching, but there’s actually a side that can be effective as well that doesn’t include either of those.


It’s through our friends and peers.


During pre-launch and launch, you’ve gotta do a lot of reputation and audience building. What if you could do that and get the trust baked in as well? This is why recommendations from peers is so great.


We all know that “word of mouth” is incredibly effective. It’s actually part of why social media is so powerful. By empowering your friends and peers to recommend you to their audiences, you’re getting warmer leads from the start because they trust the recommendation of the other person.


So adding joint venture collaborations like trainings and such as well as some “launch cheerleaders” to your arsenal of tools during launch and pre-launch can do wonders for your list growth and warming up plans.


See? Adding a personal dimension to your launch doesn’t have to be crazy challenging or time consuming, but it can add to your conversion rates because you’re doing what good marketing does — talks to people personally and builds a solid relationship.


Which of these are you going to add to your plan?