Quickly & Easily Boost Your Expert Status

Getting ready to launch? Before opening your cart, you may want to boost your expert status and authority so that you don't launch to crickets or confusion. The best way to build expert status is to be featured in various places to build some high level visibility. Click through to discover 5 ways you can show off your expertise before your next launch.
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The best way to build expert status is to be featured as one in various places, and that has the added benefit of not just the social proof but also building your own audience by nicely borrowing someone else’s. It’s the best form of leveraged content and here are a few ways to get some high level visibility before your launch




Podcasts are great because they are often faster than writing and people actually get to hear your voice. A bonus is that you can pitch the same topic multiple places which makes the process much more systematized on your part.


Guest Blog


For this one, you need a little more personalization in your approach. Find a parallel audience to share to and pitch a topic specific to that blog or outlet. You’ll have to do some research, and I recommend coming up with about 10 potential topics to be able to pitch to multiple at one time so you don’t accidentally get the same one accepted two places.


Guest Expert


One super simple way to show up and build authority is to a) be set up as an expert by association and b) get in front of a new, built-in audience. This takes care of both by you showing up as an expert in communities and group programs. Share your expertise related to your upcoming launch and get those people into your tribe too!


Start the Conversation


We often have conversations behind the scenes that could be beneficial to have in public because they bring new things to light. And that’s why just jamming on topics with your friends live can be super beneficial because you can express opinions and be seen as a peer to someone others look up to to get in front of more people.


Awareness Ads


Most people only think of getting leads with ads … but it can actually improve loyalty and lower lead costs by having a more holistic approach. That’s why I love ads that focus on awareness, engagement, and clicks because it starts to build the relationship there. Then you can always retarget for list building or sales in the future.


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