The Most Important Part of Your Launch

Amy Porterfield does it. Josh and Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five do it. Adrienne Dorison does it. Jenn Scalia does it. What is it? They don’t just worry about the open cart part of their launch strategy. They also focus on the pre-launch period to prime their audiences.


Just like an offer can make or break you, the pre-launch can be the place where you really amp up your conversion results. This is the phase that lots of launch newbies overlook because, frankly, people don’t talk about pre-launch very much. And you certainly don’t notice when others are doing it — you just see the launch on the other side.


So while a poor pre-launch may not kill your results, a good pre-launch can help you skyrocket your conversion rates because you’ve primed your audience well and gotten your reputation on point to go big.


What goes into a powerful pre-launch? I’m so glad you asked. Here are some basic things you should focus on starting 60-90 days ahead of your launch.


Thinking about launching a new product or service? Have you thought about the steps you need to take pre-launch to boost your chances of making sales? A good pre-launch can help you skyrocket your conversion rates because you’ve primed your audience well and gotten your reputation on point to go big. Click through to discover the key things you should focus on 60-90 days before your next launch.

Pre-validation and positioning of your launch offer


Pre-validating your launch offer is highly important. You want to make sure that your tribe wants and needs what you have to offer. The bonus part of this (if done well) is that you actually get to hear from them in their words what they are looking for. This helps you position your offer so they know it’s the right fit for them.


So ask them what they’re struggling with or the results they want. Bounce ideas off of them. Get the answers or “yes” before you even fully create an outline so you serve in the best way.


List, engagement, and reputation building


Anyone with big launch dreams knows that you’ve probably got some growth to do before you start. In the pre-launch phase, this is your chance to go a little wider and bring yournumbers up in a lot of different ways.


You need to grow your list with something that ties to your launch offer. That way you know you’re attracting the right people from the start. And you need to make sure you keep those and everyone on your list engaged. This often means some high leverage events and other great content that keeps them in it.


You also need to grow your reputation and buzz before a launch. This means you need to think about podcasts, interviews, guest posts, articles, collaborations, affiliates and more during this stage. Where can you get your name out there to bring people into your community before you launch?



Priming Content


During pre-launch, your content strategy needs to be on-point. You have to make sure that what you’re sharing relates to your launch offer in a way that prepares them to buy your product. So you need to ask yourself these questions:


  • What mindsets need to be addressed?

  • What do they need to have a knowledge of or understand about what will help them or what they need?

  • What result do they need before they’re ready for your offer?

  • How can you start building their trust now?


This will often look like strong blog posts and emails that cover these topics, and you can even use this information to help you create an awesome launch trigger so you’re preparing them and building trust. This is also a great chance to build their trust with client stories and other ways that show your credibility.


Warming Up Personal Leads


Often people overlook the personal side of a launch, but if you’re a service provider or are launching a new program that is a good fit for after your last program, then it’s so helpful to start finding your warmest leads and even creating more.


So how do you do this? Look at your email list or other areas of community. Who’s most engaged and how can you serve them right now? Put together a special training or invite them to a free call to get to know them better.


Also, this is a great time to start doing free calls and connection calls to people you’ve noticed or even put out the ask in places you don’t own. This way you’re getting a fresh set of leads that you’re helping then you can reach back out to them personally during your launch if they’re a good fit for the program.


A launch is a complex and living creature, and a lot of success can be built on taking time to grow and nurture your audience well before you launch. Because business is always about relationships.


Which one of these have you done well before, and which are you going to work on improving before your next launch?

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