build revenue generating relationships with smart email marketing

Business has existed long before the Internet ever came along.

Long before … tv … radio … print advertising … basically every innovation we now leverage …

And it all existed because of relationships.

You're probably pretty good at that part because I'm guessing you've had some connections or some clients or friends and family, right? Relationships are part of your fabric.

The problem is that one-on-one relationships don't scale great. And honestly, that's not a problem, right? Because that depth is incredible.

It's only an issue when you want your BUSINESS to start scaling. So how do you scale relationships?

Digital marketing gives us the platforms with access to do just that. It gets you in front of people, and allows you to share information and start conversations.

THAT'S why the Internet was made for businesses to grow and to do it in relationship form.

Launching is simply leveraging that scalability and creating a path to accelerate the relationship by focusing on how humans connect and trust.

Conversion with Compassion is a program that translates those relationship building principles into a simple, repeatable system to create a high converting launch in your online business.

It's the part of business you were good at, streamlined + scalable so you can serve without sacrifice.

 I see you there.

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You want …

  • A scalable product that gives you space + more freedom,

  • A cash injection that carries your business forward and gives you financial breathing room

  • A product tier that leverages your expertise + creates a springboard into other offers

  • The chance to travel, take a day off, or just have brain space to be creative

  • A deep connection with your audience and students in a container that feels amazing,

  • To not hate your business or your life after a launch but find yourself smiling and celebrating instead

Conversion with Compassion will give you the strategy, templates, and system to create a launch that is both lucrative AND low-stress.

If you are an entrepreneur struggling to get momentum to sell or scale your business with online products, launching is the best way to get your name out there and get money in the bank with a new offer.

Because when you have a proven, human-centered system at your fingertips, you can scale your business without burning out and create the space that you’ve been looking for in your business.

You already know how to be successful in business, and you don’t have to kill yourself to make it to the next level.

You can have the space and freedom to impact lives in a bigger way without hustling your brains out or alienating your audience.

You just need a proven system with an easy to follow timeline that leverages digital strategies in the way humans already build relationships to get you there without being a sleazeball.

“Kate is just great! Working with her is so easy and her ability to take our words and turn them into clear and beautiful sales pages and email sequences is so appreciated! We filled 20 spots in a group program thank (3).png

How do I know?

I’ve done it for the past 5 years for myself + clients.

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When I started online 5 years ago, I was promised that someday I’d make money every day -- even while I slept.

That sounded great except, I wanted a proven concept and I needed a cash injection. That’s when I discovered launching.

Actually, I didn’t know it was called launching at the time … but somehow I did it with a TINY list of only 150 people.

In just 2 weeks I made my first $1,000 and had a product that would become the flagship for a business that I would later sell because it was so systematized and profitable.

Then I started another business and leveraged my launching knowledge to build small programs that got big results and resulted in filling my one-on-one coaching practice.

I was hooked and realized that launching could actually be my job. So I started helping others.

Two years later, and I’ve helped clients …

  • Have 11% conversion rates

  • Exceed goals by 60%

  • Turn small lists into 5 figure launches

  • Hit $11k launches their first time out

  • Raise the lifetime value of their customer substantially

AND OVER THAT TIME, I’VE REFINED A SYSTEM THAT HAS WORKED FOR YEARS BECAUSE IT’S not built around a particular tactic, platform, or algorithm.

It’s stood the test of time because it focuses on relationships.

I call it Conversion with Compassion™ and now it’s available for you to learn and implement in your own business.


Happy Clients Include

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How Conversion with Compassion™ Works

Prep + prevalidation: Discover how to sell the right thing the right way

Attraction: Rapidly grow your authority and your list with qualified leads

Realization: Create a content plan that makes it an easy yes

Education: Plan a high leverage event to create hype and kickoff your launch

Promotion: Be present without being pushy to sell more and serve more

Conversion with Compassion™ will help you sell the right thing at the right time to the right people … so you serve the people you were meant to serve while creating freedom for yourself.

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 What’s Inside

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Module 1: Pre-validation, positioning, and planning

  • Get into the mind of your client

  • Nail the message that will sell your product with ease

  • Set goals and mark down dates to create your successful and spacious launch

Module 2: Attracting new leads + warming up current ones

  • Create instant authority in your expertise

  • Build your list without spending a dime

  • Ensure the leads you attract are perfect matches

Module 3: Pre-launch priming

  • Create high value content that leads to a yes

  • Uncover your hottest leads hiding in plain sight

  • Build relationships through consistency everywhere you need to be

Module 4: Effective launch triggers

  • Showcase your expertise without overwhelming your audience

  • Pitch your product with confidence

  • Avoid common pitfalls that keep you from converting

Module 5: Set up your sales systems

  • Write your “heck yes” sales page

  • Set up all the systems that get you paid

  • Remove the obstacles that keep your customers stuck

Module 6. Open cart promotion time

  • Write emails that sell without being pushy

  • Create opportunities to get fence-sitters to make a decision

  • Discover the easy content strategy to show up every day without burning yourself out

What You Get

  • 6 modules delivered in small bite-sized pieces so you can learn the CWC system inside and out for your own use on your own time — Delivered weekly for 6 weeks($3,600 value)

  • Worksheets, templates, swipe files, and more to make implementing a breeze and avoid any missteps along the way ($997 value)

  • Live office hours to get your questions answered every week for 12 weeks

  • Tech tutorials so you can avoid headaches that keep you form getting paid with ease ($497 value)

  • Lifetime access for future updates, iterations, and specialized trainings

  • Forever access to course community for all your questions and additional insights and feedback so you get personalized attention

  • Personalized access + guarantee of templates and tutorials you need because you’re co-creating with me


First Launch Formula ($297 Value)

Get instant access to the beta launch formula so you can validate your offer and get paid before you do a big launch (if you’re not ready for one)

Post Launch Profit Amplifiers ($97 value)

A launch is just the beginning -- this training will show you how to create upsells and downsells to amplify your profits

Accountability Booster Automation ($97 value)

Once you’re 13 weeks out from your launch, you can sign up for weekly to-do lists to keep you on track for your launch

Total Value: $6,179

This course is available today for the beta price of only $597.



Who is this NOT for?

  • The business owner with zero audience or connection

  • E-commerce business owners who sell products all the time

  • Those who are addicted to stress and need to pressure to thrive

  • Intuitive creators who want to launch on a dime

  • Bro-marketers who are in it for fast results no matter what it takes -- even when it’s sleazy

  • Business owners who don’t like people, don’t want to serve, and don’t like space and freedom in their business

 Who is this for?

  • Service-based business owner looking to launch a product or program online to scale

  • Blogger or influencer who is ready to take their audience and serve them with an online product

  • People who love people and love to show up for their people

  • Those who want a repeatable system to launch that’s proven to work

  • Business owners who have some audience members already

  • Those who are ready to scale and uplevel their launches before turning evergreen

  • People who don’t want to sacrifice their wellbeing or their soul to make money

“Kate is just great! Working with her is so easy and her ability to take our words and turn them into clear and beautiful sales pages and email sequences is so appreciated! We filled 20 spots in a group program thank.png

Conversion with Compassion can help you make money -- yes.

But most of all it, it will help you help those you’re meant to. It will help you do more with less. It will help you stay sane and make sales. It will help you create the foundation for freedom in your business.

Say "no thanks" to burning out and breaking down … tricking people into making sales … giving refunds to too many people who weren’t a good fit … and feeling stuck in the hamster wheel of your business.

A launch is just the beginning.

Saying yes to Conversion with Compassion means saying yes to ...

  • that weight on your shoulders to hustle up the next round of clients going away

  • the tightness in your chest when you look at your schedule and wonder how you can manage

  • no longer missing date nights, recitals, soccer games, and girl's nights out

  • your own desires to see the world, to succeed with stress, and to serve the people you were meant to

There's joy and excitement on the other side, and you don't have to kill yourself with stress or become a sleazeball to get there.

Let Conversion with Compassion show you the way.


How does this beta course thing work anyway?

Beta means it’s in a test phase for teaching the material and that means that I’ll be working with you to make sure it all makes sense. In essence, you tell me what you need or don’t understand and I won’t leave you hanging. You’ll get real answers + help me co-create templates and tools you need to be successful. Otherwise, it works like any other course but with some bite-sized lessons and lots of templates + swipe files so you can implement Conversion with Compassion like a boss.

How long should I expect to spend each week?

This will depend on how you like to work, but I plan to make everything bite-sized for you. So no long 30-40 minute lessons. I want to keep the longest one at 20 minutes, but most of them will be even shorter videos. So you’ll be able to binge weekly or take it a few at a time or during nap times or coffee breaks if you prefer.

When do you start?

The first bonus will be released on March 11, and we start the course material on March 18. The first Q+A session will be later that week as well. {And we’ll determine best days of the week for Q+A as a group so the most people can make it.}

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you have an audience and are ready to sell to scale. Ideally, you’ve worked with clients before and know what they need. You may even have a signature program in place already and wanna turn it into a group or course setting. 

OR you may have already sold the offer before but you want better results and a repeatable system for it and other offers. Conversion with Compassion will help you with both.

How much does it cost?

The investment is $597 {or two payments of $350} to join this time around -- but it will go up after this initial cohort is set. But I’d rather you think of it this way … how much do you need to sell to make back your money? Probably not much. A handful of sales will get you squared away and back in the black FAST. Plus, I’m giving you my quick + dirty First Launch Formula before we officially start so you might even make back your money before we begin!

What all is included?

Fantastic question. Inside CWC you get six core modules over six weeks:

• Preparation + prevalidation -- all about making sure you position yourself and your product to sell with ease

• Attracting new leads -- the secret to epic collaborations that build your list with qualified leads faster

• Pre-launch priming -- how to nurture your new leads to the sale and find your biggest fans so you can create the right touchpoints for the sale

• Effective launch triggers -- picking the right sales vehicle and setting it up to convert for you

• Systems that sell -- full of tech tutorials to avoid headaches and templates for magical sales copy that will get fence-sitters to make a decision

• Open cart promotion -- an easily to follow open cart promotion plan with templates for email, social media, and more to show up with confidence to sell

And in each module/week, you’ll get …

• Worksheets, swipe files, templates, and more

• Bite-sized lessons for easy digestion (including transcripts for reading if that’s your style)

• Weekly Q+A sessions with me to check in, ask questions, and get targeted ideas {for 12 weeks -- so beyond the initial six weeks of teaching}

• Access to the community for feedback and questions

• Lifetime access to the next iteration so you have the new and improved version because you helped me test it

Didn’t you say something about bonuses at some point?

Sure did! I’m also giving you my First Launch Formula to make your money back with an under-the-radar launch the first time around, Post Launch Profit Amplifiers to leverage the momentum you built and increase the revenue you generate easily, and Accountability Booster Automation which will give you step-by-step, week-by-week reminders of what to do starting 13 weeks from your launch when you turn it on.

What kind of businesses does this work for?

I’ve used the Conversion with Compassion system personally with one-on-one services, group programs, memberships, courses, digital planners and printables, and more. It’s also worked in B2B and B2C areas, so it fits just about anyone. It has NOT been proven with e-commerce companies that sell continuously (yet). 

I’ve not finished courses before. What’s different about yours?

I love this question, . This one is different because it’s not conceptual. It’s a system that I teach you {and I'm using a program to host it to see who's finishing what, so I'll be in touch when you're not moving along to see how I can help}. Second, I give you the planners, templates, and tools I personally use with my five figure clients so you can easily implement. 

Third, the lessons are super digestible and easy to complete because I know you can’t implement what you didn’t get through because it felt too burdensome. Next, the accountability booster automation (based on a checklist you’ll get too in case you don’t need another email in your inbox) will actually send you week by week to-dos (and links to the worksheets, trainings, or templates you need inside the course). So you won’t have to guess. 

My goal is to have you finish so you get results. It’s not just for me to take your money and run. I know this system works and it can help your business. And I’m here to help you help others because THAT’S how humans flourish. 

Can’t I just Google all of this?

Maybe. And you can probably glean it from several other courses put together. After all, it was years of training and learning that helped me put it all together. BUT you won’t find this kind of proven, tested system complete with outlines, templates, swipe files, etc. and this exact system that has converted at an average rate of 5x the normal ones -- and it doesn’t focus on sleaze and manipulation. If you want tested and true, Conversion with Compassion is it.

Did I miss your question?

Not to worry! I’m around and want to make sure you have all the information you need to know what is right for you. Just email kate at cobblestonecreativeco dot com and ask away, and I’ll let you know if it’s the right step for you. {And yes, I will tell you no if it’s not!}

“Kate is just great! Working with her is so easy and her ability to take our words and turn them into clear and beautiful sales pages and email sequences is so appreciated! We filled 20 spots in a group program thank (3).png