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Let’s get you launched!

Take a deep breath. We’re here to make your launch as lucrative AND low stress as possible.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your last launch was kinda meh — a lot of effort for mediocre results — or worse, it totally flopped.

  • You felt burned out or overwhelmed with planning and executing all.the.things.

  • You love the personal side of it but get so stuck when it comes to the copy + content.

  • You’re wishing you could just show up during the launch + connect with your tribe instead of worrying about all the other parts.


If you were nodding like crazy along with any of those, then it’s time we met.


I’m Kate, and I and the Cobblestone team are behind launches of courses and group programs that have had their biggest conversion rates yet. And we don’t think you have to be an exception.


We don’t just create results. We collaborate with you to make sure they’re the EXACT right results for your business long-term.

With our signature Conversion with Compassion system, we make sure you attract, nurture, and convert like crazy. (We’re talking up to 5x normal conversion rates over here!)

We want to help you have an extraordinary launch that matches the extraordinary impact you wanna make.

Launch Packages

Barb Iuliano, Starland Coaching -- Exceeded group program launch goal by 60%

Custom Launch Plan

1 hour session to nail your goals, product positioning, and launch dates down

Customized launch plan that includes all 5 phases of our Conversion with Compassion launch system

1 hour session to review and tweak the plan for maximum results

Your custom plan includes …

  • What pre-launch visibility opportunities you should be looking for and creating to earn expert status

  • What content will weed out the wrong people and warm up the right ones to set you up for success

  • How to position your product for a no-brainer “yes”

  • How to kickoff your launch using your strengths to build hype and trust for more sales

  • What emails to send, when to send them, and how to overcome objections there and on social media

  • Which personal touches to add to love on your leads and get the right “yes” from the right people

  • What advertising strategies {if any} you should be using to amplify your results


    $1,500 {or two payments of $750}

Launch Implementation Support

Your best launch is ahead of you. I can feel it. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be stressful and exhausting. There can be ease, grace, and excitement to go with your big results.

That's what this done-for-you package is designed for. Here's what's included ...

  • Everything from the custom launch plan package

  • Sales page and opt-in page copy + set up

  • All copy for your launch emails

  • New aligned lead magnet creation (and delivery set up)

  • Launch event outline or script (i.e. webinar, challenge, etc.) and materials (i.e. slides, worksheets, promotional materials)

  • On call times during your launch to navigate obstacles

This option ensures that you not only feel confident in your plan, but you also have plenty of space to implement and confidence in the way you sell with expert implementation from my team done for you.


$5,000 or two payments of $2,500

{A la carte add ons for Facebook advertising management, pre-launch content creation, etc. available if desired.)

Lauren Black, Bosscation -- 6.67% Conversion Rate for Business Launch

Still unsure?

Check out this case study.

Jami King of Handmade Journey has an incredible membership program -- Handmade Journey Academy -- aimed at helping makers sell their goods online. She’s been in the biz herself for a while and has taken all she’s learned to teach them how to get seen on Etsy, expand into other sales channels, and use online marketing to supercharge it all.


She reached out to me to help her with the second launch of her membership because she wanted to bump up the price this time around and wanted to make sure she felt confident in the process that brought in more folks.


Key Metrics


New signups: 260


Challenge Conversion Rate: 15.9%  (151 of 948 challenge signups (that weren't already members) converted)

Wait List Conversion Rate: 19.7% (56 of 240 wait list signups converted)

Entire List Conversion Rate: 5.7% (260 of 4,493 converted)



Entire List Conversion Rate: 11.5% (521 of 4,493 converted)

Free Group Conversion Rate: 3.8% (521 of 13,449 converted)



Monthly: 236 (90.7%)

Yearly Signups: 24 (9.2% of signups)



Earlybird signups: 177 (67.8%)

Full Price signups: 83 (33.7%)


Ready to launch and scale your business without burnout? That’s exactly what we want for you too. Together, it’s possible.