Does this sound like you?

  • Your last launch was kinda meh — a lot of effort for mediocre results — or worse, it totally flopped.
  • You felt burned out or overwhelmed with planning and executing all.the.things.
  • You love the personal side of it but get so stuck when it comes to the copy + content.
  • You’re wishing you could just show up during the launch + connect with your tribe instead of worrying about all the other parts.


If you were nodding like crazy along with any of those, then let me introduce you to your favorite launch hero … me!


I show up to be your sidekick to do the stuff you don’t want so you can do the parts you love (and only you can do) — show up to connect + change the lives of your tribe without the kryptonite of stress about copy + strategy.


Here's the thing ...


What exhausts you about a launch fuels me. Not just that, but people’s jaws regularly drop when I tell them my conversion rates.


And I'm skilled at collaborating with you and creating plans to help you take the stress out of your launches {and maybe even take the scariest parts off your hands completely}.


Look below for done-with-you and done-for-you options.

launch it & Profit Intensive 

With accountability and copy reviews

In this 2 hour intensive, we'll come together and nail down ...

  • What pre-launch visibility opportunities you should be looking for and creating to earn expert status
  • What content will weed out the wrong people and warm up the right ones to set you up for success
  • How to position your product for a no-brainer “yes”
  • How to kickoff your launch using your strengths to build hype and trust for more sales
  • What emails to send, when to send them, and how to overcome objections there and on social media
  • Which personal touches to add to love on your leads and get the right “yes” from the right people
  • What advertising strategies {if any} you should be using to amplify your results

Then when we're done, I'll have bi-weekly check-ins via email in case you have questions and to keep you on track. Plus, I'll review all your sales page, opt-in page, and launch email copy so you know you are primed to convert.


Barb Iuliano, Starland Coaching -- Exceeded group program launch goal by 60%

Investment: $1,500 {or two payments of $750}

Love your launch package

Strategy Intensive and Done-for-You Copy

Your best launch is ahead of you. I can feel it. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be stressful and exhausting. There can be ease, grace, and excitement to go with your big results.

That's what this done-for-you package is designed for. Here's what's included ...

  • Launch It + Profit Planning Intensive
  • Sales page and opt-in page copy
  • All copy for your launch emails
  • Accountability and check ins bi-weekly via email
  • On call times during your launch to navigate obstacles

This option ensures that you not only feel confident in your plan, but you also have plenty of space to implement and confidence in the way you sell with expert copywriting done for you.

And I'm putting my money where my mouth is because I believe in my ability to co-create results with you. The investment for this package includes a base price and a successful launch bonus for certain conversion rate levels.

Lauren Black, Bosscation -- 6.67% Conversion Rate for Business Launch

Investment: $3,500 base price {or two payments of $1,750}

Launch Bonus: If your conversion rate is 3-4.99%, I receive a bonus of $500; 5-6.74%, I receive a bonus of $1,000; and 6.75%+, I receive a bonus of $1,500. If it's less than 3%, I don't get a bonus at all.

{A la carte add ons for pre-launch content, tech setup, and more are available for additional fees.}