Do you feel the need to scale up so you stop trading time for money?


Is it time to streamline your marketing systems for max effectiveness -- without hiring a dedicated team member or assistant? Do you even know how much it’s costing you for someone just to press publish each week?


You’re probably starting to feel a little burned out, and it shows.


You love your clients and your work … but you’re not crazy about the constant marketing it takes to stand out and get your clients through the door.

You want  ...



But you don't have time to do it all.


Most companies have a marketing department … and you … you’re the marketing team, CEO, sales team, customer service rep … and the list could go on and on.


So where do you begin?


What do you really need to focus on for consistent traction without working yourself to death?


How do you create more time for yourself?

Can’t you just do what you love, grow your business, and be a human that cares for other humans_.png

Yes you can. And it’s time you did.


Good communication and empathy driven strategies will always win because talking to humans like humans is the only way anyone has ever won in life or business.


That’s what Conversion with Compassion is all about.

How do I know?

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I'm Kate, and I built two successful businesses on the side of my 9-5.



But I was also on the verge of burnout.


But I was also on the verge of burnout. And when I left my job for more freedom … I found myself filling my time even more instead of actually having the freedom I wanted.Something had to change -- and what had to ch.png

And when I left my job for more freedom … I found myself filling my time even more instead of actually having the freedom I wanted.


Something had to change -- and what had to change was streamlining and systematizing my efforts.


I needed to get to the heart of what ACTUALLY worked in my business and create marketing systems that converted on the regular … but also that didn’t feel like everyone else’s.


Then I cracked the code on human-driven communication to create hand-crafted strategies, products, and content that delivered real results for myself and now for my clients.

You want ...



The Conversion with Compassion system is the answer you need for marketing that is hand-crafted with YOUR clients in mind, helping you create consistent cashflow without working yourself to death. 

If you’re ...


… a service provider who’s filled their services but ready to scale up with products and programs


… selling products online that do okay, but you’re ready for more than just okay -- you want REAL growth


… tired of paying to learn tactics you’ve got zero time to implement


… done throwing money at ads without seeing an ROI


… wanting to keep the human element in your marketing without having to be there every single second


Then this done-for-you support package is for you.

Because when you get your marketing systems in place you can finally have the freedom you wanted without sacrificing the cashflow you need and the impact you were made for.

Kate helped me to gain clarity on how my own skills could help my audience and how I could package that into my marketing message to have this cohesive business that I was looking for. So one of my favorite things about working with Kate is that she is able to portray my journey and my vision and my stories so that I could feel confident in marketing my brand and knowing that I can make an impact with my message. — Addi Ganley
Kate is an amazing marketing and visibility strategist. With her strategy, I was able to book more clients in one month than I thought possible. And when it came time for me to start thinking about launching my podcast, Kate stepped up with a wonderful launch plan. She created a tailored, detailed schedule for me to follow that was bigger and better than anything I could’ve come up with. If you’re looking for more visibility online, or if you’re gearing up for a big launch, you definitely need to talk to Kate. — Ardelia Lee
But I was also on the verge of burnout. And when I left my job for more freedom … I found myself filling my time even more instead of actually having the freedom I wanted.Something had to change -- and what had to ch (1).png


Social media has made our message more accessible than ever but it can be a drain to endlessly create content.


And, frankly, you don’t need to.


You need people to know what you do and be bought in to your unique style through specific types of post that build trust FAST. If you can do that, your calendar will be full with calls of qualified leads on the regular.




Email marketing is the biggest opportunity to build deep, authentic relationships with your tribe.


And it can even happen on autopilot.


With a few simple sequences, you’ll keep a healthy list, create raving fans, and make the offer when they’re most ready to buy.


If you’re ready to kick the feast or famine cycle’s booty, then you need multiple revenue streams and stop trading time for money.


And you don’t have to feel like pulling out your hair or land in the hospital doing it.


Launching is the way to build hype and sell out your programs fast. And with my signature planning and communication system, it will actually feel spacious and exciting.


You CAN have it all. But you don’t have to DO it all to get it.


You’ve already proven yourself. It’s time to let go and find the support you need to grow.



3 Core Pillar Blog Posts ($1,500 Value)

These 1,000-1,500 word blog posts are SEO rich and become sources of traffic and list building for the life of your business and can build more credibility than an endless stream of content.

6 Months of Social Media Posts ($3,000 Value)

Using my signature “Content Funnel” framework, you’ll get social media posts designed to attract the right people, repel the wrong ones, and keep you booked out without having to lift a finger or constantly scroll yourself.

Social Growth Strategy ($1,000 Value)

My team will create a customized strategy to help you grow your following so more eyes see you the content we create for you and you convert even higher. And we'll do it for every channel we know you should show up on.

This whole system can be done for you in as little as one month.




Hot Leads Series ($1,000 Value)

We will create a sequence specially designed to invite your most engaged email subscribers to make a purchase using behavior-based triggers so it hits them right when they’re ready.

Welcome Series ($2,000 Value)

This is a specially designed email system to nurture your newest fans and invite them to a conversion event that can create sales for you on autopilot.


Complete Setup ($1,000 Value)

If you have ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit or MailerLite, my team can even set up these sequences for you so you don’t even have to touch the tech if you don’t want to.

Re-engagement Series ($1,000 Value)

An unengaged email subscriber is only costing you money. We’ll create a system to re-engage subscribers or remove them if they’re not into it. That way your costs stay down and your list engagement is high.

This whole system can be done for you in just two months.



Launch Planning Intensive ($1,500 Value)

This one-of-a-kind intensive will help you set goals, create and position your product, outline your communication, get visible before your launch, and know exactly what to do when with a personalized launch plan.

Sales + Opt-in Page Copy ($1,000  Value)

You won’t get stuck with writer’s block this time because I will personally craft your copy for the main pages you need to gather leads and make sales.

Personalized Promotional Copy ($2,000 Value)

The amount of emails and promotional content for your launch can be overwhelming. To give you space to show up, serve, and sell in your best way, I’ll create all your emails and promo posts to convert like crazy.

This whole process can set you up for a high converting launch in two to three months.


The total value of the complete Conversion with Compassion system is $15,000. But you can get it for $10,000 total.


Or you can get just the segment you need most.


  • Attract $3,500
  • Nurture $4,000
  • Convert $3,500 + conversion rate bonus
  • Payment plans are available at all levels

With just $10k, you could be on your way to your first or next six figure year with more ease than ever before -- 10x your investment.


And while this may feel like a large investment,  it's nothing compared to what it could be costing you to NOT be converting more clients regularly or NOT have that 5 or 6 figure launch while you pull your hair out doing it all.


I'm so grateful and thankful for what she has done, not just for like my launch process and my growth and my development and my business, but also for like my internal confidence around this huge area of any online business, — Barb Iuliano
But I was also on the verge of burnout. And when I left my job for more freedom … I found myself filling my time even more instead of actually having the freedom I wanted.Something had to change -- and what had to ch (2).png
Kate is an AMAZING combination of copy queen, strategist, and overall digital maven! She is stellar at seeing the things others can’t in business and then creating a plan to get results faster! I’ve watched her rock both of her businesses, convert with CRAZY percentages, and love on her clients in the biggest way! — Lacey Sites
  • You know your message and you want it to go further.
  • You’re ready to scale sensibly.
  • You’re heart-centered but need systems to sustain you.
  • You’re out of time to learn and desire done-for-you work.
  • You want to step out from behind the computer and live life without feeling like you’re neglecting your mission.

It's NOT for you if ...


  • You aren’t ready to grow your business.
  • You don’t want to let go of your marketing even a little bit.
  • You just want to learn the strategies or do it yourself.
  • You’re not ready to invest in systems that work.
  • You want ongoing long-term support.


Conversion with Compassion is all about good communication mixed with empathy driven strategies ...  because talking to humans like humans is the only way anyone has ever won in life or business.


Best yet, it doesn’t have to take forever or be incredibly complicated.

Give me 6 months and a few simple systems and your business can blow up and scale up without your life, relationships, or health crumbling.


Can you imagine taking a month off of your business to spend time with your kids or loved ones?


What if you checked your calendar and bank account each week and felt joy?


What if you didn’t have to DO it all to HAVE it all?


It’s all possible. I’m ready to help you do it.

But I was also on the verge of burnout. And when I left my job for more freedom … I found myself filling my time even more instead of actually having the freedom I wanted.Something had to change -- and what had to ch (3).png

Who am I?

I’m Kate, and I created Cobblestone Creative Co. in 2017 … but it wasn’t my first time at the marketing rodeo.


I’ve raised 7 figures in revenue for a non-profit organization with effective marketing.


I’ve also built a successful online passive income, digital product based business that brought in $40k in 2 years while only working 7 hours per month on it.


I’ve even run a profitable service-based business as a coach and turned my small tribe of 600 into 21 one-on-one clients and over 50 group program students.


And with Cobblestone I’ve helped clients re-engage their social platforms and email lists, revitalize their messaging, and have launches that convert up to 11%.


You could be next.

If you're looking to hire Kate for your marketing and just know that you're in good hands ... The peace of mind — of knowing I had an expert behind me was a big impact. And her emails were so well written … my own mom thought it was my writing. —Lauren Black
I would highly recommend working with Kate on all things marketing, funnels, and launches. In addition to her amazing strengths in those areas, she’s such an amazing person and really took the time to listen to my particular needs, sales process, and was patient with me. — Joy Martinez
No doubt, my very first group coaching program sold so well thanks to Kate’s help copywriting my sales page! She was able to take my heart for women and translate it to a beautiful sales message. — Anna Frandsen

How much work do I have to do in this process?


I know you’re busy. That’s why I do all the heavy lifting. You won’t be learning. You’ll be sharing information and receiving content and systems done for you. So you can focus on the activities you love in your business … or actually take some time off for once.


How long does this whole system take?


Building out the complete Conversion with Compassion system will take up to 6 months. ATTRACT will take about 1 month, NURTURE will take about 2 months, and CONVERT will take about 3 months. But once one part is done, you should start seeing results even before your six months is over.


Do you have payment plans?


Yes, payment plans are available for full or partial packages. Simply ask for details when scheduling your discovery call.


That’s a big investment. When should I make my money back?


This will, of course, vary by business. But here’s an example of how it could play out.


Price Point: $1,000

Need to Sell: 10

Conversion Rate: 3%

Leads Needed: 330


Price Point: $500

Need to Sell: 20

Conversion Rate: 3%

Leads Needed: 660


With multiple income streams and a steady flow of leads, you can see just how quickly and easily earning your investment back can be.


I’m overwhelmed right now. More clients is NOT the answer. Can you help?


I get it. Capacity issues are real. That’s why we could rearrange the package to fit your more immediate needs -- like launching first and putting other systems in place to stay consistent as you grow and scale.


What if I already have a team?


Perfect! I’m not actually looking to replace them. In fact, I just want to make their job a lot easier by outlining the how-to’s and creating the content that you can easily hand over to your team to implement fully. I’m here for a season to make sure everything is set, then you are ready to be free.


Couldn’t I just spend all this on ads?


You could. But it’s a waste of money without all this set up first. Until you have a consistent and proven way to turn these leads into clients, you will only be throwing away your hard-earned dollars. If you invest here first, you’ll earn back ad spend much more quickly because you have everything in place to nurture and convert those leads while also increasing the lifetime value of each one.


What happens to me and the content after the six months?


It’s all yours! Your social media content can be measured, tweaked, and recycled for easy repurposing. The email systems work on autopilot to keep you booked out without burning out and they go on forever. The launch content can be tweaked and reused the next time you launch or in an evergreen funnel to keep cashflow consistent.


This year could be the one that you finally break through that plateau you’ve hit.



  • Your first six figure year
  • Your best launch ever
  • Your expanded time with your family
  • Your biggest impact yet


It starts with saying yes … yes to you … yes to your next clients … yes to the life you’ve always wanted.