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How many times have you heard that one?


How many times have you followed that with an eye roll or mumbling under your breath, "Not my list."


Then you kinda get mad because it's not happening for you ... and you kinda wish it would.


Because ...


  • You’re bringing in money but it’s not coming from your list.
  • You've spent so much time building relationships that you didn't have time to build your list.
  • You're pretty sure your list is dead, and you don't know if you should revive it or scrap it and start over.


And you know that getting ready to scale your revenue online is all about being able to leverage email.


So your next level?


It takes next level email strategies.


But almost instantly, you feel a little sick to your stomach because everyone else’s next level email strategies are basically copy-and-paste, sleazy, push-fests and your business or nonprofit is built on genuine relationships.


I’ve got good news for you: there’s actually a way to use email to build real relationships.


And if you do it well, you’ll get paid well too.

In short: you can have it all. Savvy, scalable email strategies and also real life, deep relationships with your people.


Doesn’t that sound lovely?


That’s what we do!

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And that means relationships are our top priority.


But we’ve got some hard truth for you … you’re actually missing out on some dynamite relationships and customers that are lurking inside your email contacts RIGHT NOW.


They open everything. They take a look at your offers. And all they need to hop off the fence? The right opportunity to hit them at the right time.


We make it happen for you.


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There are no copy-and-paste, everyone-and-their-grandma-have-the-same-funnel email sequences here.


Instead, we give you a complete relationship marketing system inside your email provider that leads to heart-centered cashflow -- because our email strategies built on the principles of human-driven communication and behavior-based automation.


We’ll help you ....


  • dig up your best leads
  • put systems around your relationship style
  • and never be left without customers or donors in your pipeline (or new "money in the bank" notifications again)


... all through the magic of email automation.


But our favorite part? That you’ll be building your legacy by bringing more people into your mission.


And that’s what it’s really all about.

Here’s how we can help you do that.

  • Email Assessment -- find the leaks in your email strategy that have you leaving dollars + impact on the table and discover 3 hot leads to reach out to right now

  • Custom Email Strategy -- we'll create a customized, holistic, relationship-driven strategy that includes everything (Segmentation, gamification, sequence decisions, messaging, opt-in ideas, the list goes on!) that you can implement STAT

  • List Building Strategy -- Practical strategies to fill your contacts list with qualified leads and start watching the systems work their magic



  • Everything at the Basic Level

  • Copy for up to 20 emails for your behavior-based funnels to nail the messaging and have your new leads falling in love with you

  • High converting opt-in + sales copy for up to 2 offers (each) so more people join your email list

  • Complete set up of all the automations and systems inside your email provider + tutorials for your team so you can't jump right past all the tech headaches



  • Everything from the Advanced Level

  • Full implementation support for email systems including opt-in creation, website optimization updates for list building, and set up of sales and opt-in pages

  • 2 Day VIP Intensive (virtual or in person) to work through our entire Conversion with Compassion framework to create a customized and comprehensive marketing plan that makes your goals inevitable

  • Customized conversion strategy + communication plan so you know every project, email, and promotion down to the day so your team can get ahead and stay there


Payment plans are available.


happy clients

"I have content upgrades that bring in a consistent lead and my email list is growing. All sounds good and while I don't have trouble turning my traffic/visitors into subscribers, I face difficulty turning the subscribers into customers (read: purchasing our templates) because my funnel/email sequences were a mess + only speak to one type of audiences. 

Kate did an audit of my existing welcome sequences and provide the strategy on how we can segmentize the leads and keep them from going through multiple sequences (no more subscribers that sign up to multiple opt-ins and receive the same welcome sequences multiple times). 

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Kathie Wiehanne, Bluchic

Kate is amazing at writing email sequences that feels so human and personalized to my business. I also hired her for implementation which is the best decision ever, because I have a working welcome sequence that's up and running in +/- one month time. It saves me so much time from trying to figure out the technical part myself. Totally worth the investment!"