I joined Conversion with Compassion hoping to learn more about launch strategy to implement into my client’s launches. As a copywriter, I have written sales copy for many launches, but saw launching as something that I wasn’t ready to in my business yet. I learned SO MUCH about launching through this program, and it even gave me the confidence to launch a program of my own! It helped me see how I could create an offer that was specifically tailored to my current audience and soft launch it before spending a ton of time or money on creating a fancy offer and sales funnel. After soft launching and beta testing my offer, I’ve been following the Conversion with Compassion method to fully launch my new program. I’ve been able to double my email list an exceed my launch trigger sign up goals. I’m currently in the middle of my launch trigger promo, but am on track to hit my launch targets. This program has helped me realize that launching doesn’t have to be daunting or exhausting, and that I don’t have to wait until I have a huge following to see results!

Elli Runkles, Sales + Launch Copywriter

Kate BoydComment