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3 Epic Days of Creating Your High Converting Marketing Strategy

and Getting Things Done for Real

Come sit around the virtual table with us to make the marketing plan that helps you easily crush your sales goals for the next 6 months {without forfeiting your humanity but instead leveraging it like you've never done before!}

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It's for you if you're feeling one or more of these things right now...

  • You're not new to business. Whether it's online or offline, you've gotten clients and consistent cashflow.
  • Your marketing feels stale and uninspiring to you.
  • You've gone through an evolution or a small pivot that means you need to revisit your messaging + marketing.
  • You've now got a team that's relying on you to lead the charge, and you wanna feel organized for them.
  • You may have been relying heavily on referrals and lots of 1:1 relationship building so far.
  • You've developed lots of services, products or programs and feel a little overwhelmed as to how to sell them all or message them cohesively so you don't confuse your audience.
  • Your marketing is working -- you think -- but you're not sure what is so you feel scattered and don't know what to cut or focus on.
  • You want to work smarter, not harder with your marketing.
  • You don't want everyone else's marketing or sales process. You want one that's as unique as you and your audience.
  • Your business is still super personal to you and/or you've had bad outsourcing experiences ... so you're not ready to let go of your voice, but you do want help developing a plan that converts consistently

It's NOT for you if ...

You're brand new to business and haven't gotten any clients or sales yet in your business.

You just want a copy and paste plan or funnel or whatever to run with.

You create all your plans and marketing intuitively ALONE and love doing it that way.

You are content with where your marketing is now.

You don't wanna hang out with other awesome bosses.

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How does it work?

We will meet 3 times for 5 hours. Each session will include 2.5 hours working through the Conversion with Compassion exercises to confidently nail your message, movement, money makers, and marketing engines. Then we'll do hot seats for an hour (3x20 minutes), and finish up with a power hour assignment to GTD together + a little wiggle room for breaks and Q+As.

Here's what each session will include:

Day 1: Your Message

Through my one-of-a-kind messaging process, we'll make sure you walk away with a message that connects + converts for you.

Power Hour Assignment: Write Your Website Home Page + Social Bio

Monday, September 10

Day 2: Your Movement + Money Makers

You'll unlock your truly unique sales process and make plans to replicate, automate, and accelerate relationships with online marketing.

Power Hour Assignment: Outline Your Evergreen Emails Sequences OR Your Next Launch Plan

Monday, September 17

Day 3: Your Marketing Engines

You've never looked at community building + sales this way before. And you'll know exactly how create a movement, how to simplify your offers for more success, and your unique promotional calendar.

Power Hour Assignment: Create Your Social Media Positioning Plan + Key Conversion Posts

Monday, September 24


Bonus #1: Lifetime access to CWC Materials

This isn't a one-time deal. You will get access to the self-study version of the CWC Activator process, which means you can reuse it whenever your message or marketing needs a tune up for as long as Cobblestone Creative Co. exists!

Bonus #2: In-Workshop Hot Seats

You'll get the opportunity to be up on a hot seat to get my marketing brain on YOUR business. Whether it's your message, your sales process, or your launch plan, we'll cover it together for everyone to benefit.

Bonus #3: Hand-crafted Marketing System Bundle + Write Your Site Templates

To help you take massive action during + after the workshop you'll get access to all of my marketing system bundles full of templates, swipe files, and tools. Plus, you'll get my "Write Your Site" templates that you can't get anywhere else.

Bonus #4: Exclusive Pop-Up Facebook Community

You'll get 6 weeks inside a pop-up community to get feedback from your workshop friends and ask questions of them, me, + my team as you process and implement your shiny new, high converting plans.

My high-end clients get this proprietary process + the full implementation for $10k ... but you can join us for one payment of $997 or two payments of $597.



3 day marketing workshop
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$597.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 1)$597.00 USD
Total $1,194.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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I'm your host, Kate.

Founder + Conversion Marketer behind Cobblestone Creative Co.

After raising seven figures in revenue for a non-profit organization through powerful messaging, copywriting and marketing, I started my own business Cobblestone Creative Co. to focus on bringing more creativity and genuine connection to the digital marketing space. In the three years since, I have built three profitable online businesses and created live and automated marketing and sales experiences that convert up to five times the normal rates.


I developed my signature system, Conversion with Compassion, to help solopreneurs use human-driven communication and behavior-based targeting to get the right message to the right people at the right time in order to create conversion opportunities. This method focuses on high conversion rates that can effectively leverage audiences large or small.


And this workshop is bringing it to you at a fraction of the cost for my private agency clients.

After these 3 sessions, you'll walk away with ...

  • A message you KNOW connects + converts {and the home page copy to show it off}
  • Your plan to create + engage a profitable community
  • Total clarity about what offers are making you mad cash and which ones aren't
  • A complete 6-month marketing plan {including promotional calendar, content plan, traffic drivers, and detailed communication plan} that serves + converts consistently
  • Unique insights into your sales process that help you hit your sales goals more effortlessly {by utilizing your big heart and relationship style} and a strategy to replicate, automate, and accelerate it 
  • Your new evergreen sales or launch plan laid out and ready to be turned on
  • Your complete social media plan {including key posts WRITTEN and ready to roll out}
3 day marketing workshop
Number of payments 2
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$597.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 1)$597.00 USD
Total $1,194.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Every business needs this because this type of human-driven marketing plan makes customers and communities feel heard and respected rather than solely sold to or shamed and feared into converting.


"Um, where was this intensive when we started our business two years ago?" That's what we were thinking as we worked through this amazing program. Kate is a marketing genius, and she opened our eyes to key elements of our messaging/branding that we hadn't even thought of incorporating into our content. Now, we have clarity around our unique strengths and how to use them to stand out in a crowded online space, and how to position ourselves as the best option for the clients we truly want to attract.


Kate is phenomenal with all things marketing, message, and mission and helping us connect the dots that propel us from level 1 to level 10. There are thoughtful questions that help us think beyond where we are right now (mostly in our heads + seeking external validation) to where we want to be (caring human + strategic CEO). Kate truly shines when sharing her expertise in marketing with compassion, and makes us all the better for it. I think even well-known businesses will truly benefit from this, especially because some have lost the human connection. Imagine how much better the world will be if all businesses applied her teachings.